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ENG 1103 - Walker

College Writing & Public Life


Welcome to your course guide! This guide has been specifically created for students enrolled in ENG 1103. The tabs across this page will help you with each aspect of the research process as your work through your course assignments. 

Need help? Librarians are available 24/7 to help you with research throughout the writing process. Just ask us! 

"365. Day 44" by nnc07 [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] via

Listening in on the Conversation

Read the first section/paragraph or the abstract of each article above. 

Then, respond to the following questions. (You may have to look at other sections of the article to be able to answer them.)

  • What can you find out about the author/authors of this article? 
  • Who is the intended audience for this article? Who is the author writing to/for? 
  • Where was this article published? (Name of website or publication)
  • When was this article published?
  • What is the author's purpose for writing this article? 
  • What do you notice about: 
    • The writing style?
    • The format/layout of the article?
    • How sources/citations are used within the article?
    • Anything else?